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Zhengzhou lingcheng electronic technology co., LTD is located in Zhengzhou National High & New Technology and Industrial Development Zone. Our mission is to provide customers the highest quality products to gain the reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction. 12-year experience in the R&D, design, production of high frequency and medium frequency induction heating machines. Products have won great reputation among clients.

Hot Products

    • Silver Smelting Furnace

      Silver Smelting Furnace

      silver smelting furnace First, the basic composition of a small intermediate frequency metal melting furnace: Including medium frequency power supply, compensation capacitor box and melting furnace. According to different application requirements, thermometers, temperature controllers and other devices can be installed; smelting furnaces are divided into three types: tipping smelting furnaces, ejector melting furnaces and stationary melting furnaces. The tipping smelting furnace can be divided into a mechanical tumbling furnace, an electric tumbling furnace and a hydraulic tumbling furnace according to the overturning manner.

    • Gear sprocket induction hardening machine

      Gear sprocket induction hardening machine

      Gear sprocket induction hardening machine Quenching of gears and sprocket is the principle of inductively heated surface quenching. The workpiece is placed in a contoured inductor wound with a copper tube. After passing high frequency or intermediate frequency alternating current, the same frequency of induced current is formed on the surface of the workpiece. Immediately after the surface of the workpiece is heated rapidly, water spray is cooled to harden the surface layer of the workpiece.