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Zhengzhou lingcheng electronic technology co., LTD is located in Zhengzhou National High & New Technology and Industrial Development Zone. Our mission is to provide customers the highest quality products to gain the reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction. 12-year experience in the R&D, design, production of high frequency and medium frequency induction heating machines. Products have won great reputation among clients.

Hot Products

    • Aluminum Melting Furnace

      Aluminum Melting Furnace

      Aluminum melting furnace,Aluminum melting furnace, suitable for less than 500kg, power consumption per hour about 140 degrees.

    • Copper Metal Intermediate Frequency Melting Furnace

      Copper Metal Intermediate Frequency Melting Furnace

      Copper metal intermediate frequency melting furnace working principle Intermediate frequency power supply adopts IGBT power devices and dual-regulation variable current control technology based on parallel resonance. In this technology, power and frequency are independently controlled. IGBT switching devices and amorphous inductors are used to form a high-frequency chopper circuit to regulate power. IGBT parallel resonance and automatic frequency tracking technology are used to obtain accurate soft switching control of the inverter process. The reliability of the equipment under high power has been greatly improved, which has enabled the equipment to be developed in the high power field, and the 100% equipment temporary load rate has been achieved.