30mm Diameter Iron Bar Round Steel Induction Heating Machine

30mm diameter iron bar round steel induction heating machine
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Product Details

30mm diameter iron bar round steel induction heating machine

30mm diameter iron bar round steel induction heating machine

Maximum input power: 120kw 

Equipment packaging: wooden box packaging,

The main configuration of the equipment includes:

1.      One heating power source,

2.      two sensors (made on demand), and

3.       one remote control switch.

 product manual, a certificate The technical parameters of the iron bar round steel induction heating machine are as follows:

Model: XXYP-120Input power: 120KWInput voltage: three-phase 380V 50-60HZOscillation frequency: 15-25KHZVolume: main control cabinet 650mm*480mm*1440mm             Transformer cabinet 500mm*800mm*580mm

The main advantages of the equipment:

◆High efficiency and obvious energy saving effect.

◆High heating temperature and short time, which means fast heating speed (high working efficiency and high output per unit time)

◆ Easy to achieve automatic control (improve product quality and pass rate)

◆ Improve and protect the environment (the air environment is protected and the operator's health level is guaranteed)

◆Safe and reliable (does not produce open flame, eliminate fire, and greatly improve safety performance)

◆Easy to use and operate (start and shut down at any time without warming up, energy saving time)

◆The installation site has a small footprint (only 2 square meters, saving space and infrastructure costs)

◆The workpiece can be locally heated and work 24 hours a day.

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