Saw blade / turning tool / bit high frequency welding machine

Drill cutting tool high frequency welding machine Drill cutting tool high frequency welding machine
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Drill cutting tool high frequency welding machine
The XXYP-50 is especially suitable for:
1. Welding of diamond cutter heads and saw blades, welding of carbide saw blades and welding of diamond cutters, grinding tools, drill bits and drill tools.
2. Welding of carbide tools for machining. Such as turning, planing, milling, reaming and other cutting tools.
3. Welding of mining tools, such as "one" word bit, column tooth bit, dovetail coal bit, rive bit, various shearer picks, drill bit welding, welding of various roadhead picks.
4. Welding of woodworking tools, such as various woodworking planers, milling cutters and various woodworking drills. Mechanical parts quenching, welding, and through-heating forging. High-strength bolts and nuts are hot. Turbine forging of automotive and motorcycle parts and various general-purpose parts that require heat forging.
The high-frequency welding equipment for the drill bit is highlighted.
 Energy efficient. Fast heating, no oxide layer. Thorough heat and consistent temperature of the workpiece. The performance is more stable.
 Main technical parameters of Zhengzhou high frequency welding equipment for bit turning tool:
 Input power: 50KW
 Input voltage: three-phase 380±10% 50-60HZ
 Oscillating frequency: 15-20KHZ
 Cooling water pressure : ≥0.05MPa
 Weight: 60kg
 Volume: 550 × 650 × 1260mm3