Aluminum Melting Furnace

Aluminum Melting Furnace

Aluminum melting furnace,Aluminum melting furnace, suitable for less than 500kg, power consumption per hour about 140 degrees.

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Aluminum melting furnace

Aluminum melting furnace

Before starting the electromagnetic aluminum melting furnace, it is necessary to inspect the electrical equipment, water cooling system, furnace body, etc. Only when these equipments are in good condition can the furnace be opened to ensure the safety of heat treatment, otherwise the furnace is prohibited to be opened; OK The person who is responsible for power transmission and furnace opening, and the person in charge must not leave the post without authorization. During the work, the external conditions of the inductor and crucible must be monitored to prevent someone from touching the sensor and cable after power transmission, which will affect the frequency Normal operation or safety accident.

Introduction of electromagnetic aluminum melting furnace is a frequency conversion device that converts three-phase power frequency current to single-phase intermediate frequency current. It is mainly used in the fields of smelting, heat penetration and quenching of various metal materials and their alloys. This machine is composed of a three-phase bridge full-control rectifier circuit and a parallel inverter circuit. The control part adopts integrated circuit to realize microcomputer control. Compared with other circuits, it has advanced technology, simple structure, stable and reliable performance, simple and convenient debugging and maintenance, large output power, fast working speed, high efficiency, low power consumption, reliable work, Low failure rate and other advantages. A variety of power supply and fast protection functions in the event of voltage overload are also designed in the circuit to make the product operate very reliably. Suitable for long or intermittent work.

Characteristics of electromagnetic aluminum melting furnace:

    1. Fast melting speed, uniform solution temperature, small oxidation loss, and uniform metal composition:

    2. It can be directly melted from the cold furnace, the solution can be emptied completely, and the variety is convenient;

    3. Furnace shell adopts cast aluminum alloy or steel shell structure, occupying small area;

    4. Simple operation and maintenance, good working environment and low pollution;

    5. It can be configured in various forms such as fast melting type and power distribution type, and the configuration is flexible and convenient;

    6. Compared with the industrial frequency induction furnace, the electromagnetic stirring of the intermediate frequency induction furnace is moderate, the furnace lining has a long service life, and it can automatically track the changes of load parameters during operation without adjusting the compensation capacity

    7. Power adjustment is flexible, convenient, and can be continuously and smoothly adjusted;

    8. Can be started or stopped at any time in any state.

Aluminum melting furnaceAluminum melting furnace

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