Gear Intermediate Frequency Quenching Equipment

Gear intermediate frequency quenching equipment The main application range of the equipment: quenching heat treatment of the outer circumference and end surface of various gears, shafts (step shafts, gear shafts, camshafts, and half shafts).
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Gear intermediate frequency quenching equipment

 The main application range of
the equipment: quenching heat treatment of the outer circumference and end
surface of various gears, shafts (step shafts, gear shafts, camshafts, and half

Axis high frequency quenching
equipment parameters:

Model: XXYP-120
Input power: 120KW
Input voltage: three-phase
380V 50-60HZ

Oscillating frequency:

Gear discs for hardened parts

1. Quenching parts diameter
range: ≤ φ400mm

2. Maximum thickness of
quenched parts: 100mm

3, the maximum weight of the
quenched parts: 150Kg

Quenching process: The
workpiece is mounted on the quenching machine. After the card is installed, the
workpiece automatically rises into the ring induction coil as soon as the
switch is turned on. The workpiece automatically rotates and starts to heat.
After heating to the quenching temperature, it automatically drops to the
quenching liquid. Quenching, manual replacement of workpieces.

The main advantages of CNC
quenching machine: digital control, can control the quenching process and cooling
process according to the process requirements, continuous scanning quenching,
simultaneous quenching, segmental continuous scanning quenching, segmentation
and simultaneous quenching. The equipment adopts the profile structure
fuselage, which is low in cost, light in weight and economical and practical.

Highlighted advantages of gear high frequency quenching equipment:            1. This complete set of equipment is concise, practical and low investment. Save manpower and reduce labor intensity of workers. Workpiece deformation is small, and straightening equipment can be omitted.           

2. Using IGBT, the international advanced devices do not need the old SCR, the efficiency is 30%-40% higher than the old SCR intermediate frequency, and the power saving is 30%-40%.            3. The device is series resonant circuit topology, and the inductor is isolated suspension voltage, which is safe; while the intermediate frequency of thyristor is parallel resonant, and the inductor is direct voltage 500V. If the insulation is damaged and damped, it is unsafe.            

4. The equipment adopts the most advanced PWM control in the world. It can adjust the power ratio. No reactor is used on the side of the feeding network, and no power regulation thyristor is used in the front stage. It has little influence on power grid and other equipment, but it has serious harmonic disturbance to power grid and network equipment because of medium frequency of thyristor, flat wave of reactor, power regulation of front-stage thyristor and serious harmonic.           

5. The device is equipped with comprehensive closed-loop protection. The protection speed is nanosecond: (1/1000000 seconds) to ensure the normal operation of the main circuit of the device, and the main device is not damaged. Thyristor IF often burns out expensive fast fuses and thyristors.           

6. The equipment has a comprehensive protection circuit. Such as water temperature, water pressure, voltage, current, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.           

7. The equipment has fast heating speed, high production efficiency, easy mechanization and automation, and can be easily connected with the next process equipment to achieve synchronous and synchronous production in the same pace.           

8. The equipment meets the international 3S standard (SURE reliable, SAFE safe , SAVING saving), and 3C standard (C00L low temperature, CLEAN clean, CLAM quiet). The equipment does not have screaming noise of SCR intermediate frequency.