Strip Annealing Heating Equipment

Steel strip annealing heating equipment, through the hard work of our company's engineers and field experiments, developed a new generation of IGBT baked blue induction heating equipment, with the use of open and wait without heating, high efficiency...

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The steel strip annealing and heating equipment (China Chengxin) has been using the box resistance furnace for many years in the bundling industry, and after the hard work and field experiments of our company's engineers, we have developed a new generation of IGBT baked blue induction heating equipment. Open and use without waiting for warming, high efficiency. Our company specializes in production of: blue-strip induction cooker, bake blue equipment, bake blue production line, steel strip continuous production line, steel belt bake blue production equipment steel belt bake blue equipment steel belt rolling equipment steel tape cutting equipment, steel belt induction Bake blue heating equipment, steel heating furnace, steel electromagnetic induction heating baking furnace. Special reminder: Steel strip retired production line.

Blue Steel Strip Induction Furnace Strip Annealing Heating Equipment (30KW-200KW) Features:
1. High-efficiency energy-saving (electromagnetic heating) is 4-6 times more energy than conventional bake blue equipment;
2. Non-contact baking blue (no contact between the electrode and the steel strip);
3. Brightness of the surface of the steel strip (producing a bake crystal structure);
4. Cheap (furnace 2-8 yuan / set);
5. Easy to operate, set the production speed freely according to the power;
6. 16mm-32mm width can produce 1-15 simultaneously
7. Tensile strength 685/735/785/880MPa Elongation 5%-8%
Multiple online heating of various types of 16, 19, 32mm thick 0.9mm straps can be performed, with high heating speed, good temperature uniformity, 8-13 meters of heating per minute, and a roll of (50kg) in minutes to replace oxygen , Oven and coal furnace heating methods such as the choice.

Strip annealing and heating equipment The main advantages of our products are:
First: energy saving, fast heating, can help you reduce production costs and increase production efficiency.
Two: Can help you improve corporate image, improve the working environment, improve product quality, and no pollution, no mid-frequency equipment howling noise, no operational harm, no pollution on the power grid without interference, without the need for large-capacity step-up transformers and voltage compensation equipment (saving investment in auxiliary equipment). Now there are many domestic steel strapping belt manufacturers use our company's products, welcome to come to inspect the consultation, we will sincerely cooperate with you with the preferential service price.

Super Audio Induction Heating Equipment 12 advantages:
1, fast heating: heating speed less than 1 second (speed can be adjusted);
2, heating a wide range: can heat a variety of metal workpieces (according to the shape of the workpiece replaceable detachable sensor ring);
3, easy to install: connect the power supply, induction coil and access to the water pipe can be used; small size, light weight.
4, simple operation: a few minutes to learn;
5, start fast: After the water is turned on to start heating;
6, less power consumption: than the old electronic tube high-frequency equipment saving about 70%, the smaller the workpiece power consumption;
7, the effect is good: the heating is very uniform (by adjusting the density of the induction ring, so that each part of the workpiece to obtain the required temperature), rapid heating, oxide layer, no waste after annealing;
8, protection of the whole: with over-voltage, over-current, overheating, lack of water and other alarm instructions, and automatic control and protection.
9, temperature control: by setting the heating time to control the temperature of the workpiece heating, so that the heating temperature can be controlled to a technical point;
10, 100% full load design;
11, small size, light weight: only about a few tens of KG, small footprint, save plant space, good working environment, energy saving, safety, no noise exhaust emissions;
12, Eliminating high voltage: It is highly safe to eliminate the step-up transformer that generates nearly 10,000 volts of high voltage.

Strip annealing heating equipment main features:
A. Using new MOSFETs, IGBT frequency conversion control technology, high efficiency and energy saving, large output power.
B. With constant current and constant power control function, the heating process of metal is greatly optimized, and efficient and rapid heating is achieved, and the superior performance of the product is fully utilized.
C. with heating - insulation - cooling three-time setting function, heating and holding power individually adjusted to obtain the required heating and insulation process, to adapt to the batch, repetitive heating sites.
D. Up to ten fault status protections and displays including over-current, over-voltage, under-current, and lack of equals provide higher reliability and durability.
E. Safe and reliable, the equipment has no tens of thousands of volts, and the operation is safe.
F. 100% full load design, continuous 24-hour work. It can be equipped

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