Machine Tool Dovetail Guide Quenching Equipment

Machine tool dovetail guide quenching equipment, guide plane quenching equipment
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Machine tool dovetail guide quenching equipment, guide plane quenching equipment
Machine tool is a machine that processes metal blanks into machine parts. It is a machine that makes machines. So it is also called "working machine" or "tool machine". It is customarily referred to as machine tool. There are many ways to process mechanical parts in modern mechanical manufacturing: besides cutting, there are quenching, casting, forging heating, welding, stamping, extrusion and so on. However, for parts with higher precision and finer surface roughness, it is generally necessary to use cutting method to finish machining on machine tools. In general machine manufacturing, machine tools account for 40% - 60% of the total machine manufacturing workload. Machine tools play an important role in the construction of national economic modernization.
Machine tool guide
Machine tool guideway is an important part of the machine tool to move freely. The continuous movement of machine tool determines that the machine tool guideway should have enough hardness and not be easily damaged. Therefore, quenching of machine tool guideway is inevitable. The guideway can improve its hardness by quenching, so as to ensure the normal operation of machine tool.

Rail quenching

The machine tool rail is quenched, the rail is heated to a suitable temperature for a period of time, and then immersed in a quenching medium for rapid cooling of the metal heat treatment process. Commonly used quenching media are salt water, water, mineral oil, air, etc., and more water. Quenching can improve the hardness and wear resistance of metal workpieces, so it is widely used in various tools, molds, measuring tools and parts that require surface wear resistance (such as gears, rolls, carburized parts, etc.). Through quenching and tempering at different temperatures, the strength, toughness and fatigue strength of the metal can be greatly improved to meet different application requirements. The quenching of the machine tool guide rail greatly improves the service life of the machine tool guide rail, the wear resistance and the damage resistance hardness, thereby improving the production efficiency of the machine tool to a certain extent.

Technical indicators

1. The depth of the quenching layer of the guide rail is generally 1.5-3mm, and the hardness is HRC45-52;

2. The quenching deformation of the guide rail is less than 0.06mm;

3. The heating speed is fast, 200-400mm/mim.

Guide rail plane quenching equipment parameters:

Model: XXYP-120

Input power: 120KW

Input voltage: three-phase 380V 50-60HZ

Oscillating frequency: 15-35KHz