Medium Frequency Round Steel Plate Forging Heating Equipment

Medium frequency round steel plate forging heating equipment
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Medium frequency round steel plate forging heating equipment
The main technical parameters of the equipment;
Model: XXZP-300, Power supply: three-phase 380V 50-60Hz, input power: 300KW, medium frequency range: 2-8KHz, duty ratio: 100%, input current: 450 A, external dimensions mm main control cabinet: 530 ×760×1660.
Main features of the equipment: small size, high power, fast heating, core penetration, and electricity saving.
Power saving: Compared with the old thyristor intermediate frequency, the thyristor medium frequency heating uses about 470 degrees of electricity per ton of workpiece. Our new medium frequency power consumption is about 350 degrees. More than 100 kWh of electricity per ton. As long as it burns about 500 tons, the electricity cost can be recovered.
Circuit characteristics: The main device adopts IGBT module, and the circuit adopts uncontrolled full-bridge rectification, capacitance filtering, bridge inverter, and series resonance output. There is a fundamental difference between the use of thyristor parallel resonance and the old-fashioned intermediate frequency.
Power saving principle: Uncontrolled rectification, the rectifier circuit is fully conductive. High power factor, voltage type series resonance, etc., determine the device to save a lot of power.
Random accessories: one set of main control cabinet, one A transformer cabinet plus two paying sensors B, or one furnace plus pneumatic feed