Metal And Steel Induction Melting Furnace

Induction smelting furnace for metal and steel, 500kg, global delivery, furnace automatic to molten iron, power consumption per hour about 250-360 degrees.

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Iron induction furnace,

Induction melting furnace for metal and steel

Zhengzhou Lingcheng  Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a medium-frequency power supply, medium frequency induction heating equipment, medium frequency electric furnace, medium frequency furnace, medium frequency melting furnace, intermediate frequency furnace transformation, medium frequency quenching furnace, one to two intermediate frequency furnace research and development, production and sales services. Modern high-tech enterprise. The product has beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, stable operation, reliable control, flexible operation, sensitive closed-loop system protection and high anti-interference ability.

Medium frequency power supply features: 

The company's power supply uses the most advanced electronic circuit control, with overvoltage, overcurrent, voltage limiting, current limiting, phase loss, under voltage, under water pressure, phase sequence automatic identification, cooling water temperature over limit alarm protection and many other protections. Features. Power factor automatic adjustment function.

It can realize the full power output to the furnace body regardless of the change of the furnace condition during the whole cycle from cold charge to casting, so that the amount of metal per kW/h is the most, and the same power heating time is the shortest, which improves the labor productivity. The control line dedicated integrated box is completely isolated from the high pressure area to keep the control room clean and cool. Greatly improve control board life and system reliability.

After the melting furnace has been lined, an oven is required. The oven is an indispensable process after the installation of each circulating fluidized bed boiler is completed and put into operation, because the newly built circulating fluidized bed boiler wall adopts A large number of irregular refractory materials and heat-preservation casting materials are used as the lining material of the furnace to prevent the wear of the pipe and the loss of heat.

0.5 ton medium frequency melting furnace

Technical parameter device configuration

Name KGPS-0.5/400

Rated power 400KW

Rated capacity 0.5T

Supporting transformer capacity 400KVA

Line voltage 380V 50-60HZ

IF frequency 2000HZ

IF voltage 750V Phase

DC voltage 500V Phase

DC current 800A Phase

Rated temperature 1600 ° C

Melting time 30-50min

Closed cooling tower (circulating water) LNB-30T/h

Complete equipment configuration

Fast KGPS IF power supply

Compensation capacitor cabinet

Furnace 1 or 2

Reducer RZS431

Water-cooled cable 240mm2 two

Diaphragm Manual information

 Metal And Steel Induction Melting Furnace

Metal And Steel Induction Melting Furnace


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