Trolley Annealing Furnace

Trolley annealing furnace Trolley type tempering annealing furnace features:
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Trolley annealing furnace

Trolley type tempering annealing furnace features:
1. The inside of the furnace is heated by the ocr25A/5 strip heating element.
2. The top of the furnace can adopt a high-pressure centrifugal fan to make the airflow in the furnace reciprocate through the air-conducting inner cover to make the furnace temperature uniform. The eccentric axial flow fan can also be used to reciprocate the airflow in the furnace to achieve the uniformity of the furnace temperature.
3. The tempering furnace lining adopts the aluminum silicate fiber module structure. No heat storage, no gaps, insulation seal.
4. The furnace door is lifted up and down by electric hoist. The principle of the spring lever presses the sealing furnace mouth by its own weight. Scientific and advanced.
5. The trolley is equipped with one or more sets of driving wheels and corresponding passive wheels to move on the inner and outer double tracks by the electric cycloidal pinwheel reducer.
6. The furnace bottom heating element is coated with the grade ZG30Cr18Mm2sizN alloy cast steel furnace bottom plate. The upper block is superimposed between the block and the block to ensure that the scale does not fall into the heating element slot.
7. Trigger the thyristor with PID intelligent zero-crossing. The programming instrument can also be equipped with a 485 communication interface and connected to a computer for remote control. Cluster control. There is no paper recorder and paper recorder, over temperature alarm function.