Roller Surface Heating Equipment

Roller surface heating equipment, the overall heating of the roller, due to the larger workpiece diameter, hardened hard layer, so we recommend the series heating power supply, with IGBT as the main components, energy saving, energy saving...
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Roller surface heating complete sets of equipment power, fast heating, deep hardened layer, deep quenching of large workpieces, large surface appearance of large parts quenching. The main components:
1. High frequency, medium frequency quenching power supply.
2. Disk special quenching machine tools: The main features are large load capacity, large rotary diameter, rapid drop into the water, designed for disc type parts.
3. Closed cooling tower: Cools the internal components of the power supply, the closed loop does not pollute and does not block, the circulating medium is pure water, does not scale.
4. Quenching liquid cooling device: It can be combined with a closed cooling tower to form a dual-circuit structure for cooling the quenching medium. It is easy to recycle and stabilize the temperature of the quenching liquid so as to ensure the quenching quality.

The advantages of choosing the "Ling-Cheng Brand" surface roller heating equipment are as follows:
1) There is no need for group heating on the workpiece, and selective heating can be performed locally, resulting in less power loss and less deformation of the workpiece.
2) The heating speed is high, the workpiece can reach the required temperature within a very short time, even within 1 second. So that the appearance of the workpiece oxidation and decarburization are lighter, most of the workpieces do not require gas shielding.
3) Necessary to resolve the frequency and power of the mediation equipment according to the necessity, and control the external hardened layer. Thus, the martensite structure of the hardened layer is finer, and the hardness, strength, and toughness are all higher.
4) The workpiece after heat treatment is felt to have a thick tough area under the hard layer. It has good compressive internal stress and makes the workpiece more resistant to stress and breakage.
5) The heating equipment is easy to place on the production line, it is easy to achieve rigid and automated, easy to handle, can effectively eliminate transportation, save manpower and increase production efficiency.
6) A multi-purpose machine. Quenching, annealing, tempering, normalizing, tempering and other heat treatment processes can be completed, and welding, smelting, thermal devices, heat removal, and thermal penetration molding can be completed.
7) Easy to use, simple to operate, ready to open or stop at any time. No need to warm up.

Roller surface heating equipment is widely used:
(1) Gears: Practically used for Φ600mm or so gears; Φ800mm sleeve roller sprocket quenching; Quenching hardness to reach material requirements, quenching depth 2mm-6mm; Single tooth can be quenched to modulus around 50.
(2) Sprockets: It is practical for sprocket wheels with Φ900mm or so; quenching hardness reaches material requirements, quenching depth 2mm-6mm;
(3) Shaft type: It is used for 大250mm large-diameter shaft quenching, the hardened layer depth is 2mm-6mm, and the hardness reaches the material required table quenching hardness.
(4) quenching of other large parts: automobile torsion bar spring quenching, guide wheel quenching, roller bearing quenching, etc.
(5) For heating before die forging, bar stock: Φ50mm above barstock diathermy, 70 square square steel heating;
(6) cutting on-line welding, shield welding, etc.