Power shaft induction hardening machine

Power shaft induction hardening machine The camshaft quenching complete sets of equipment have a high degree of automation, which solves the fundamental problem that the camshaft roots have not been quenched before the fire, and the effect is good.

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Power shaft induction hardening machine

The spline shaft quenching equipment is specially designed for the surface heat treatment and quenching of the spline shaft. It can realize one-time programming, automatic scanning spray quenching, fast production and high efficiency. This set of equipment mainly includes 120 high-frequency quenching power supply, CNC quenching machine tool and cooling system. The three are combined to achieve automatic heat treatment quenching process, uniform quenching, and the service life of the spline shaft surface after quenching is increased by 3-5 times.

Spline shaft quenching equipment quenching process: high-frequency quenching equipment supporting vertical CNC quenching machine uses a ring sensor, spline shaft mounted on the quenching machine, as long as the jog switch, spline shaft automatically rose to the ring sensor , Automatic rotary heating, water spray quenching, automatic drop to the original position. The edge of the water quenching, using this quenching process, you can guarantee the depth of hardened layer and quenching hardness.

Spline shaft quenching equipment main features:
1. The use of digital control system, advanced performance, easy to use, accurate positioning, with connection, simultaneous, segmented connection, segmentation and other quenching functions.
2. High degree of automation, according to the workpiece process programming, automatic heating, rotation, water spray, fast return.
3. diversified quenching methods, continuous scanning quenching, so that the entire shaft quenching layer uniform, consistent hardness.
4. can be used for shaft, disk, pin, gear and other parts of induction hardening, high precision and long life.
5. the equipment frequency can be based on the user's workpiece requirements, generally 15-35KHz, suitable hardened layer of 2-6mm, hardened layer moderate. The hardness meets the requirements and the deformation is small. The speed is 1/3 faster than the thyristine medium frequency.
6. The sensor is an open-close type sensor, which does not need to remove the workpiece during quenching. The sensor directly buckles the outer circle of the workpiece

Spline shaft quenching equipment main technical parameters:
Operating Power Single-phase 380V/50Hz Cooling Water Flow (Main Unit) 32L/Min (0.1MPa)
Operating voltage range 360V/420V Cooling water flow (transformer) 29 L/Min (0.1MPa)
Maximum input current 120A Cooling pressure 0.1~0.3Mpa
Maximum output power 80KW Host weight 70Kg
Oscillation frequency 15~35KHz Transformer weight 90kg
Efficiency 90% Host Dimensions (mm3) 600×480×1360
Continuity of load 100% Transformer dimensions (mm3) 500×800×580
Equipment packaging: wooden packaging

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