Optical Axis Surface Quenching Equipment

The optical axis surface quenching equipment can perform surface heat treatment on the optical axis with a diameter of 20mm-400mm and an unlimited length. The heat treatment quenching process technology can be used to set the equipment according to the workpiece length and diameter...

Product Details

Optical axis surface quenching complete sets of equipment include three parts, one quenching power supply, one CNC quenching machine, and one cooling system.
Optical axis quenching complete equipment quenching process:
the workpiece is mounted on the quenching machine, after the card is installed, as long as the jog switch, the workpiece automatically rises to the ring induction coil, the workpiece automatically rotates, while rotating, one side upward movement (automatic timing Heating, spray quenching, automatic drop to the original position, manual replacement of the workpiece. The sensor is sprayed with water so that after the workpiece is heated to the quenching temperature, the water jet solenoid valve can be automatically opened to spray water. This ensures the depth of the hardened layer and the quenched hardness.

Optical axis surface quenching equipment --- CNC quenching machine's main advantages: digital control, according to the process needs of the quenching process and cooling process control, continuous scanning quenching, simultaneous quenching, subsection continuous scanning quenching, subsection simultaneous quenching Wait. The equipment adopts a profile structure body, which is low in cost, light in weight and economical and practical.

The main features of the equipment:
1. Adopt digital control system, with advanced performance, convenient use, accurate positioning, and can meet the quenching requirements of complex workpieces to the greatest extent.
2. diversified quenching methods, continuous scanning quenching, while quenching segmentation, continuous scanning quenching, subsection simultaneous quenching.
3. can quench the surface of shaft parts, discs, bores, face and other parts.
4. a high degree of automation, according to the workpiece process programming, automatic heating, rotation, water spray, quick return.

The main application scope of optical axis surface quenching complete sets of equipment: Quenching heat treatment of various types of gears, shafts (stepped shafts, gear shafts, camshafts, and half shafts) of disc-shaped parts such as the outer circle and the end face.

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