Semi Axle Quenching Equipment

Automotive semi-axle quenching equipment main application range:
1. Permeance forging of round steel with diameter of 700mm or less, 750kg per hour
2. the shaft can be quenched to the diameter below 250mm shaft quenching, quenching depth of 2-6mm.

Product Details

Semi-axle complete quenching equipment for automobiles, this equipment is equipped with full closed-loop protection, and the protection speed is nanoseconds: (1/1000000 second class) to ensure that the main circuit of this equipment works normally and the main device is not damaged. There are protection measures such as water temperature, pressure, voltage, and current to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Equipment main application industries: standard parts factory, machinery factory, machine tool factory, hardware tool factory, high strength bolt factory, gear factory, bearing factory and so on.

Semi-axle quenching complete sets of equipment for automobile Main application overview: forming bending, pier head, punching, boring flat; pipe deformation, bracket bending, steel pipe boring, various round steel, various square steel, bar stock, round cakes, round tubes, steel plates, steel rings, fasteners, high-strength bolts and nuts, bolts and nuts, bearings, bearing rings, flanges, cross shafts, camshafts, axle shafts, flanged forks, universal joints, etc. Such as the workpiece through the hot forging.

The main advantages of the equipment:
◆  The heating speed is fast, and the productivity of heating equipment can be doubled, and it can be combined with other process equipment to form a continuous production line.
◆  The heating time is short, the efficiency is high, the efficiency of the induction heating furnace can reach 60%-70%, the efficiency of the induction melting furnace can reach 65%-75%, while the heating efficiency of the flame furnace is only about 20%, the resistance furnace heating Efficiency is only about 40%
◆  When using the induction heating method for heating before thermoforming, due to the high heating speed, the heating time is short, the burn rate of oxide scale produced by the blank is 0.5%-1%, and the metal burn rate of the flame furnace is 3%, and the induction heating The furnace saves 2% of material compared with the flame heating furnace, and at the same time it improves the service life of the forging dies.
◆  If an induction heating furnace is used in a hot-working workshop, the temperature of the workshop will be greatly reduced due to less heat loss, and the working conditions of the workshop will be improved. Because the induction heating does not generate smoke and smoke, the workshop working environment is purified.

This is the set of "auto semi-axle quenching equipment" to be introduced today. It consists of quenching power supply, CNC quenching machine (it is divided into vertical and horizontal type) and cooling system. It can realize automatic process and production. High efficiency, fast production cycle, eliminating the need for manual tedious, more product pictures and videos can contact us!

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