Large shaft quenching equipment

Large shaft quenching equipment Transmission shaft quenching equipment for the auto parts in the drive shaft surface heat treatment quenching, diversification of quenching methods, continuous scanning quenching, while quenching segmentation, continuous scanning quenching, subsection simultaneous quenching...

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Large shaft quenching equipment

The drive shaft quenching equipment is also called the surface heat treatment complete equipment of the drive shaft. It is mainly used for quenching the surface of the drive shaft. It mainly consists of high-frequency quenching power supply, CNC quenching machine (moving tooling, the main function is to complete the rotation and up and down movement of the drive shaft., to make the part more uniform quenching) and double-cycle cooling system (main function is cooling).

Main configuration and technical parameters
1. The use of digital control system, advanced performance, easy to use, accurate positioning, can meet the quenching requirements of the most complex parts.
2.Diversification of quenching methods, continuous scanning quenching, quenching at the same time, continuous scanning quenching, and subsection simultaneous quenching.
3. It can quench the surface of shaft parts, discs, inner holes, end faces and other parts.
4. High degree of automation, according to the workpiece process programming, automatic heating, rotating, water spray, quick return.

The main technical parameters:
Operating Power Single-phase 380V/50Hz Cooling Water Flow (Main Unit) 32L/Min (0.1MPa)
Operating voltage range 360V/420V Cooling water flow (transformer) 29 L/Min (0.1MPa)
Maximum input current 120A Cooling pressure 0.1~0.3Mpa
Maximum output power 80KW Host weight 70Kg
Oscillation frequency 15~35KHz Transformer weight 90kg
Efficiency 90% Host Dimensions (mm3) 600×480×1360
Continuity of load 100% Transformer dimensions (mm3) 500×800×580
Equipment packaging: wooden packaging

The main features of CNC quenching machine tools:
1. The machine adopts PC industrial digital control system, which has advanced performance, convenient debugging and can meet the quenching requirements of complex workpieces to the greatest extent.
2. the machine can achieve the quenching method: continuous scanning quenching, while quenching, subsection continuous scanning quenching (segment by the degree of setting, without the limit switch, the same below), subsection at the same time quenching.
3. the typical workpiece for the machine tool (in the corresponding size range) Shaft: a variety of shafts, step shaft, gear shaft, camshaft, axle, disc-type parts of the outer circle, the end face.
4. machine tool electrical control system reserved quench heating and cooling water control interface. The quenching process and the cooling process can be controlled according to the process requirements

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