All Kinds of Steel Pipe Quenching Equipment

All kinds of steel pipe wall quenching equipment is mainly used to quench the inner surface of the steel pipe to increase its surface hardness. It is suitable for the inner wall of the pump pipe, the inner wall of the wear pipe, the inner wall of the boom pipe, and the inner wall of various sizes of the steel pipe...
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Product Details

All kinds of steel tube quenching complete sets of equipment using our company special induction heating equipment, quenching using low-loss, high-insulation coaxial sensor structure, the sensory front-end with quick-connect, easy to use. Can also be used for a variety of: seamless steel pipe wall quenching equipment, helium pump pipe wall quenching equipment, long bore hole quenching equipment.

The technical indications that can be achieved are: quenching hardness: HRC 55, quenching travel speed: 300-400 mm/min, depth of hardened layer: 1.5-1.8 mm, and quenching water temperature lower than 45°C.

All kinds of steel pipe quenching complete sets of equipment on the equipment: to carry out a variety of steel pipe surface wall quenching, seamless steel pipe wall quenching equipment, pumping pipe wall quenching equipment, bore hardening equipment, long bore hardening equipment also have two movements:

1. The first one is rotation: the purpose is uniform quenching, such as the sensor's two-pole butt joint and the sensor around a slight difference, the top of the water, the water immediately squat down. The lower part is always soaked in water. All these factors are solved by rotation.
Rotation speed: about 120 rpm, less than required. Being high can easily cause trembling (the straightness of the tube itself is not too high). Need stepless speed regulation.

2. seamless steel pipe along the axis forward and backward. Forward is for quenching, speed is 100mm-500mm/min, axial stroke 4000mm, stepless speed regulation. With fast retraction function, the speed can be about 3000mm per minute, need to stepless speed regulation.
In addition, the pipe and the horizontal angle of 5 °C to ensure that the smooth discharge of water, no water in the pipe to ensure the uniformity of hardened hard layer. Our company is such ancillary equipment, this set of equipment worry and effort!