Frequent failure maintenance of high frequency machine

- Mar 29, 2018-

Mainly using high-pressure ballast to stimulate high frequency tube oscillation, instant high frequency electromagnetic field, use of processed plastic material such as PVC, TPU, EVA melt molecular changes in electromagnetic wave electric field, combined with certain pressure can reach the purpose of welding. In the process of the use of high frequency equipment, the main problems will occur and troubleshooting maintenance.

1. Customers need to check the water filter regularly when using high frequency machine and high-frequency equipment.

2. If there is dust in the machine table, it is used for drying compressed air to clean the machine carefully, but the total power supply must be turned off.

Failure: before checking, always turn off the total power supply, because there are several thousand volts to tens of thousands of volts in the machine.

Phenomenon 1: frequent red light (overload light)

The reason:

A) the lower mold insulation is damaged.

B) working objects, vibrating drum or upper and lower mold have dirt, dust and moisture to be cleaned.

C) poor mode level on the high frequency plane.

D) there is no insulating material in the upper and lower mold, and it is directly touched.

E) high frequency machine input power is too high.

F) high frequency machine vacuum tube is damaged or loose.

G) power protection electronic board damage. The overcurrent protection board is the one with three main appliances.

H) the high frequency machine is too large and the output is too high.

I) the work item is too large, exceeding the rated output of the same machine.

J) temperature control part failure.

K) high voltage capacitor is damaged.

L) high frequency machine insulation column (upper plate) is damaged.

Phenomenon 2: when the output is high, the total power will be disconnected or fuse.

The reason:

A) vacuum tube failure.

B) transformer fault.

C) high pressure rectification board failure.

D) three-phase magnetic switch damage.

E) high voltage line short barrier.

F) failure of the electric plate.

Phenomenon 3: high frequency machine has no high frequency output during use.

The reason:

A) the switch contact is not good.

B) line failure.

C) vacuum tube failure.

Phenomenon 4: the high frequency machine is defective in welding products.

The reason:

A) poor adjustment.

B) mold problems.

C) there is a problem with the glue (work).

D) the insulation is too thick and the insulation is too high.

Note: when the mold is under pressure, the bottom die, the grounding copper plate must be pressed to the plate, the round copper plate slightly deformed. This machine will not be able to work steadily if the grounding plate is not adjusted. When changing the mold of different height, the grounding copper sheet needs to be rearranged.