The difference between medium frequency furnace and high frequency furnace

- Mar 29, 2018-

In the electric furnace, do you know the difference between the medium frequency and the high frequency? What are their advantages? Today we will introduce the advantages of the intermediate frequency furnace and the advantages of the high frequency furnace.

Medium frequency furnace: the medium frequency furnace has the better environmental protection characteristic! It compares with the average coal stove, the staff working environment will be better, and also can meet the various indicators of the environmental protection department! And the company's image will be relatively good! An induction heating in medium frequency electric furnace, and it is this is by far the most provinces in electric heating furnace of a heating mode, if heated to 1100 ℃, also consumes power only 360 degrees!

So very provincial! The temperature difference of its core is very small, so it can control its temperature very well! Other intermediate frequency electric stove it heating device has small volume, light weight, the characteristics of other efficiency is high, relative to its advantages, many similar to coal-fired furnace also slowly in the elimination of such!

In addition, it has good stability and reliability! Its development prospect is very good! Finally, related survey found: if you use the intermediate frequency electric furnace, can reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide 202 tons a year, and nitrogen oxide emissions were reduced more than 70 tons, dust and smoke is able to reduce emissions of more than 400 tons, and so on, the overall efficiency can be increased by 30% - more than 40%, so it is a new generation of environmental protection good helper!

Another high frequency furnace has the advantage of: high frequency its protection function is relatively good, and very reliable! And it has infrared temperature measurement, can very good automatic temperature adjustment, the staff operation is more convenient! The best thing is that it's easy to install and easy to operate!

This is the advantages of the intermediate frequency and the high frequency furnace. Have you found the right product?