The principle and application of high frequency machine

- Mar 29, 2018-

Working principle of high frequency machine, application of heat treatment process on workpiece surface, maintenance experience and routine maintenance project. The cause of failure and the treatment method are given.

High frequency machine principle, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance application.

1, principle

High-frequency machine working principle: high frequency current flows to a heating coil that is wound into a ring or other shape (usually with copper control). The use of resistors in heated objects produces a lot of joule heat, causing the body's own temperature to rise rapidly, so that the purpose of heating all metal materials is achieved.

Our high frequency device gp100-c2 is the electronic tube frequency conversion, which is a high-power electronic tube self-excited oscillator. 50 hz, 380 v three-phase electricity flows through the anode step-up transformer rectifier into 13 kv dc current, through electronic tube oscillator transform for high frequency alternating current, then through the quenching step-down transformer output heat sensors artifacts. The frequency of the output current of an inverter depends on the inductance and capacitance of the main oscillation circuit. The oscillation circuit is composed of electron oscillation tube and inductance, spider and capacitor Ciz.C13, and the primary and capacitance C of transformer B6, which is composed of heating direct confluence. The trouble of oscillation and heating circuit adopts the coupling circuit of self - disaster transformer with short circuit coil. The feedback voltage of the oscillating tube is formed by the feedback coil secondary 117 and the partial pressure capacitor C113 to form the synthesis voltage and supply the grid of the oscillator tube. The vibration and stop vibration of the oscillating tube are controlled by the grid voltage, and the 1 OOOV negative voltage provided by the blocking circuit is added to the grid, while the dc high voltage on the anode is suspended when the high voltage is blocked. When the heating relay is normally open, the negative voltage of the gate is grounded, the negative pressure is removed, and the oscillator tube generates anodic current to start work.

2, the application of

High frequency induction heating quenching is widely used in heat treatment production, heating speed is quick, easy control, high productivity, less oxidation decarburization, quenching distortion is small, good working conditions, no pollution and easy to realize mechanization and automation, etc. The high frequency equipment is mainly applied to surface heat treatment of workpiece, such as the surface quenching of gear teeth and pin sleeve shaft, which can improve the surface hardness, increase wear resistance, and can be used for welding melting.

1. The high frequency machine is used for welding field: : all kinds of alloy steel and stone composite bit welding; Welding of various carbide cutting head and saw blade; All kinds of cutting, bit, drill pipe, coal drill bit, air drill first class mine accessories welding.

2. High frequency machine for quenching: the quenching of various gears, sprockets and shafts; The quenching treatment of machine bed face guide in machine tool industry; Hardware tools quenched.

3. High frequency machine is used in the field of heat permeation: hot heading of various high-strength bolts and nuts; Hot rolled twist drill; Hot forging of all parts within 80 diameter.