Ultra - audio induction heating equipment guide rail use and oxidation skin cleaning

- Mar 29, 2018-

Ultra audio induction heating furnace guide rail use and oxidized skin cleaning - ultra audio induction heating equipment.

Guide rail and the induction heating furnace heated bar the Angle control between 125 degrees to 135 degrees, enters the furnace to ensure the bar after walking along the rail track, prevent heated furnace bar stock deviation guide groove friction, observed in heated bar on the guide rail of walking direction, such as found that bar walking direction deviation friction wall, should be timely and correct guide, see if guide bending deformation is deviating from the guide slot and timely correction.

Each work guide should be removed in the future, with the trachea will blow out the scale in the hearth, the last section, especially the discharging mouth for discharging mouth, the last section material the highest temperature, accumulate the largest scale, is also the most prone to fracture furnace wall crack, if found to have fracture crack should be timely PiQing out around the oxidation, and high temperature refractory to repair, to prevent scale into the cracks and contact flint, induction coil, induction coil, causing burst.