Melting furnace safety operation specification

- Oct 11, 2018-

The purpose of the melting furnace oven:
The oven is an indispensable process before the installation of each circulating fluidized bed boiler is completed, because the newly built circulating fluidized bed boiler wall uses a large number of unshaped refractory materials and thermal insulation casting materials as the furnace. The lining material prevents the wear of the tube and the loss of heat.
In particular, the furnace using the insulated furnace wall structure has a large amount of water during the construction of the thermal insulation castable. If the free water in the insulating casting material is not dried and dried before the boiler is put into operation, the water in the furnace wall will be heated and evaporated to cause a certain pressure to cause a certain pressure, which causes cracks in the furnace wall. When the deformation is severely damaged, the furnace wall will fall off in a large area. Therefore, detailed furnace curves and operation measures should be formulated according to the amount of wear-resistant refractory insulation materials and the actual thickness of the furnace wall before being put into operation.
At the same time, the oven can also make the physical and chemical reaction of the wear-resistant refractory material of the furnace wall to improve the strength of the material and make the masonry body permanent and stable. So that the boiler can be safe and normal at high temperature; long-term full-load operation, to achieve high productivity and high efficiency.
Therefore, a good oven solution and the quality of the oven directly affect the normal operation of the furnace in the future, and must be carefully organized and implemented.