Medium frequency heating furnace for bar forging

Medium frequency heating furnace for bar forging 1. Metal rod material forging heating furnace equipment, heating and diathermy for various metal rods, such as ordinary bar, 45 bar steel, copper bar, stainless steel bar, steel bars and other materials Heat, used for forging or bending, fast heating medium frequency induction heating furnace...

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Medium frequency heating furnace for bar forging

Metal bar material forging heating furnace equipment, a variety of metal bar heating diathermy, such as ordinary bar, 45 steel, copper bar material, stainless steel bar, steel bar material and other materials bar or part of the whole heating and diathermy, Used for forging or bending, medium-frequency induction heating furnace with high heating speed, high efficiency, continuous heating, easy to achieve automatic control: Induction heating can be timely, precise automatic control, adjust power according to the current state of the heated workpiece Frequency, the workpiece heating temperature or depth automatically adjusts to meet the process requirements.

Our company specializes in the production of metal rod material forging furnace equipment, IGBT energy saving medium frequency forging furnace | heating furnace | IF furnace medium frequency induction heating equipment for 22 years, the product cost-effective, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, preferably IGBT medium frequency forging furnace | Hot stove | IF furnace medium frequency induction diathermy equipment is highly efficient and energy-saving, with good faith guarantee. The company upholds the consistent "quality reputation is survival" business philosophy, we strive for excellence, go all out, continuous innovation, leading independent research and development strength, high-end talent team, scientific management structure, excellent after-sales service, formed a unique brand Awareness, to provide customers with the most competitive products. Running on "quality of survival, reputation and development" business philosophy serves the majority of users. Our company wholeheartedly welcomes the broad masses of old and new customers to visit the company to negotiate!

The main technical parameters and features:


Power supply

input power

IF range

Duty rate

Input Current

Dimensions mm


Three phase 380V





400 A

Main control cabinet: 760×530×1660

1. Adopt IGBT devices and components are purchased globally.
2. Adopt high-efficiency frequency group and resonance technology.
3. uses low-inductance circuit arrangements, large-scale digital circuits.
4. Adopt more comprehensive and mature protection technologies.

Metal bar material forging furnace equipment Main use:
1. Forging heating: used for bar, round steel, square steel, steel plate diathermy, replenishing temperature, blue quenching on-line heating, local heating, metal materials online forging (such as gears, axle links, bearings, etc. Forging, extrusion, hot rolling, heating prior to shearing, spray heating, heat assembly, and overall tempering, annealing, tempering, etc. of metal materials.
2. Heat treatment and quenching and tempering production line: mainly for shafts (straight shafts, reducing shafts, camshafts, crankshafts, gear shafts, etc.); gears; sleeves, rings, plates; machine screws; guide rails; plane; ball heads; Surface heat treatment of various mechanical (automotive, motorcycle) parts, such as hardware tools, and tempering, annealing, and tempering of the entire metal material.

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Medium frequency heating furnace for bar forgingMedium frequency heating furnace for bar forgingMedium frequency heating furnace for bar forging

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