Metal Workpiece Heating Furnace Equipment

Metal workpiece heating furnace equipment, can be a variety of bar materials, such as round bar, square bar, etc., but also on the disk, shaft and other metal parts of the whole or partial heating and heating, the temperature can reach 1100 degrees, and heating Fast speed...
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The application scope of the metal workpiece diathermic furnace equipment is relatively wide, and it is applicable to the whole or partial heating or diathermy of various bar workpieces, square steel, round steel, various shafts, various steel plates and other metal workpieces. The user's needs to select the appropriate power equipment, our product power from 16KW-500KW, professional metal heating equipment, heating speed In the machinery industry, the heating of the metal workpieces is an indispensable process technology in some workpieces. Some workpieces require end or partial heating and heat penetration. For example, the end surfaces of standard parts, bar stocks, etc. are heated and penetrated by heat. U-bolts Local heating is also required. Steel plates, steel towers, etc. require localized heating; some work pieces such as square steel, round steel, bar stock, steel balls, steel plates, etc. require diathermal heating or heating, and these heating processes are performed for the next step of forging. In preparation for bending or bending, each user has different requirements for heat treatment for each workpiece, so the process technology is also different.

The basic parameters of the metal workpiece thawing furnace equipment are as follows:
Supply power: three-phase 380V 50-60Hz
Input power: 300kw
IF range: 2-8HZ
Input current: 300A
Dimensions: Main Control Cabinet: 530×760×1660 Transformer Cabinet: 500×800×580
Equipment packaging: wooden packaging

Metal workpiece heating furnace equipment is mainly used: a variety of round steel, square steel, bar, round cake, round pipe, steel plate, steel ring, fasteners, high strength bolts and nuts, stainless steel bolts and nuts, bolts and nuts, bearings, Bearing rings, flanges, cross shafts, flange forks, universal joints and other parts of the heat through forging.

The main features of the metal workpiece thawing furnace equipment: adjustable power, induction heating, fast heating speed, high efficiency, great energy saving, infrared thermometer can be installed in the series, the temperature is easier to control, wide heating range, applicable Strong, only metal induction heating, safer, more environmentally friendly!

The main application industries: standard parts factory, machinery factory, machine tool factory, hardware tool factory, high strength bolt factory, gear factory, bearing factory.

Main application scope of metal workpiece thawing furnace equipment:
1. Heat-through forging of round steel with a diameter of 700 mm or less for diathermic forging, with an output of 750 kg per hour.
2. The shaft can be quenched to shaft diameter below 250mm quenching, quenching depth 2-6mm.
3. The gears can be quenched to a diameter of 250mm and the following gears are quenched. The sleeve roller chain theory can be quenched to a diameter of 900mm. The module 50 can be quenched by a single tooth with a depth of 2-6mm.
4. Large-scale base rail quenching, quenching depth 2-6mm.
The above is a detailed description of the metal workpiece heating furnace equipment, if you want to know more detailed, or related equipment application video, you can contact us directly, or add WeChat 13014650631 (Lee Li)!