Wheel intermediate frequency hardening machine

Wheel intermediate frequency hardening machine Medium frequency quenching equipment for road wheels Train Wheel Bending Wheel Quenching Equipment - Advantages:
1, fast heating: the fastest heating speed less than 1 second, (speed control adjustable speed)
2, heating a wide range: can heat a variety of metal workpieces (according to the shape of the workpiece replace the removable induction coil)...

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Wheel intermediate frequency hardening machine

Medium frequency quenching equipment for road wheels

The wheel quenching equipment for train wheels, the wheel quenching equipment for train wheels, and the surface quenching equipment for train wheels, is a professional requirement for hardened layers of train wheels, rollers and other hardened layers between 3-8mm. The workpieces are customized, use medium-frequency series, low frequency, deep hardened layers, and large workpieces are suitable.

The configuration of the train wheel brake heavy wheel quenching equipment includes (1+2+3+4):
1. medium frequency induction heating power JZ-200/4 series of intermediate frequency equipment
2. Special-purpose quenching machine tools for discs: The main features are large load-bearing capacity, large-slewing diameter, rapid drop into water, designed specifically for disc type parts.
3. Closed cooling tower: Cools the internal components of the power supply. The closed loop does not pollute and does not block. The circulating medium is pure water and does not scale.
4. Quenching liquid cooling device: It can be combined with a closed cooling tower to form a double loop structure for cooling the quenching medium. It is easy to recycle and stabilize the temperature of the quenching liquid to ensure quenching quality.

Train Wheel Bending Wheel Quenching Equipment - Advantages:
1, using IGBT devices, components imported from Germany.
2, using high-efficiency frequency group and resonance technology
3, the use of low-inductance circuit arrangements, large-scale digital circuits, more comprehensive and mature protection technology.
4, using automatic frequency tracking and multi-loop closed-loop control, easy installation, easy operation.

The main features and main technical parameters of the special CNC quenching machine for the quenching equipment of the train wheel and heavy wheel are: Adopting the digital control system, the performance is advanced, the use is convenient, the positioning is accurate, and it can meet the quenching requirements of complex workpieces to the greatest degree. Heavy-duty, designed for disc parts. Sufficient overall stiffness can be applied to heavy-duty teeth, large gears, sprocket weights, and rotary requirements. The device has enough gyration diameter, and the device's rapid water entry speed is 100mm/second; it is suitable for overall rapid quenching. High degree of automation, according to the workpiece process programming, automatic heating, rotation, water spray, quickly falling into the water.

Wheel bearing heavy wheel quenching equipment advantages:
1. The quality of the induction heating equipment is stable and reliable, and the hard material meets the hardness requirements of the material. The hardened layer is qualified.
2. Easy to operate: only one programming, one boot, all workstations are automatically completed according to the preset program.
3. Our company can go to the scene to install and debug and configure a variety of sensors to meet the various needs of a variety of workpieces.191


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