High Frequency And High Frequency Furnace Technology

- Mar 29, 2018-

The high frequency and high frequency furnace technology is the advanced technology which has the highest heating efficiency, the fastest and the low consumption environment. Electricity consumption can be saved up to 30 percent or even 40 percent, which is one of the means to reduce emission and reduce consumption.

In general, the heating of the object is generated by the combustion of coal, oil, gas and other energy sources.

The second is to use electrical appliances to convert electrical energy into heat. The heat can only be transferred to an object that needs to be heated by heat transfer (heat conduction, heat convection, heat radiation) to achieve the purpose of heating the object. Because of these heating methods, heated objects are heated by absorbing external heat. Therefore, they are indirect heating methods. The natural transmission law of heat is that the heat can only be transferred from the high temperature zone to the low temperature zone, the high temperature body to the cold body, and the high temperature part to the low temperature part of the natural transmission. Therefore, only when the external heat and temperature are significantly more than the heated object can be heated effectively.

This requires a lot of energy to build a higher temperature area than the amount of heat needed to heat an object. Such as oven, oven, etc. In this way, only a few of these calories can be passed on to the heated body, resulting in great energy waste. And the heating time is long, in the process of burning, heating, still can produce a lot of harmful material and gas. They can cause corrosive damage to the heated body and cause pollution to the atmosphere. Even though it is not polluted, it still has disadvantages such as low efficiency, high cost and slow heating.

Induction heating technology, which USES electromagnetic induction principle and eddy current principle, directly converts electrical energy into heat in the metal object that needs to be heated. Therefore, it has many advantages such as low loss, low energy consumption, fast heating speed, no pollution, no noise, safe and reliable. Moreover, the heating equipment is not preheated, the heated body is not easy to oxidize, it is convenient for gas protection, it can be controlled automatically, and it has many intelligent protection functions, safe and reliable and easy to operate.

Another characteristic of induction heating is that it is non-contact heating and has strong adaptability, which generally does not have other effects on the heated body. The high frequency machine can directly heat the graphite in any metal and non-metal, and can be used for indirect heating of non-metallic materials. It is widely used in the processing of metal materials, heat treatment, thermal assembly and welding, melting and so on. It can not only heat the workpiece as a whole, but also heat the parts locally. It can realize the deep penetration heat of the workpiece, and can only heat the surface and surface of the workpiece.