The Application Of High Frequency Heating Equipment In Industry

- Mar 29, 2018-

1. The car industry

At present, the automobile industry has been widely used in induction heat treatment by high frequency heating equipment, and the automobile parts of induction hardening have risen to about 50% of the total heat treatment parts. The purpose of induction quenching is to improve the wear resistance of the parts, which is to improve the torsional fatigue strength and bending fatigue strength of the parts. Typical parts include crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel gear ring, half axle, constant speed universal joint, variable speed fork, actuator shaft, cross shaft, shock absorber shaft, etc.

2. Tractor and construction machinery.

In addition to the engine quenching parts similar to the car engine, walking part of its many induction quenching parts require the use of high frequency heating equipment for heat treatment, such as: driving wheel, guide wheel, roller, caterpillar track section, pin, cover, output shaft, valve rocker arm, bulldozer blades, tractor transmission gear, etc.

3. Machine tool industry

In the machine tool industry, the induction quenching parts have the transmission gear, spindle, speed shifting fork, guide rail surface and the wear-resisting part of various small parts.

4. Heavy machinery

The induction quenching heat treatment of heavy machinery has transmission large module gear, excavator's shovel tooth plate and so on.

5. Bearing industry

Bearing rings, especially the raceway and railway bearings of large bearing rings, have been increased by using high frequency heating equipment for induction hardening.

6. Railway transportation

As one of the main ways to improve the toughness of the steel rail with 60kg and above, more than 10 steel rail induction quenching production lines have been established. In addition, the locomotive parts apply induction quenching to the relevant parts of the internal combustion engine, such as crankshaft, gear, shaft, etc.

7. Petroleum industry

Induction hardening is adopted in oil industry, oil pipe, rod and coupling part.

8. Metallurgical industry

Double frequency induction quenching is adopted to achieve the optimum heating depth. Other such as induction hardening of large module gears, induction annealing or tempering of steel tube weld.

9. Textile machinery

Induction hardening and tempering are used in spindle and other parts.

10. Building materials

The induction heat treatment of building materials mainly includes prestressed reinforcement hardening and weld annealing. At home, there have been a considerable number of pipe pile steel wire heat treatment production line, also built the sleeper wire heat treatment line.

11. Shipbuilding industry

The crankshaft of Marine engine is used for induction hardening and tempering, and high frequency heating equipment can also be used for thermal correction of steel plate distortion.