The Development Of Medium Frequency Induction Furnace In China Is Discussed

- Mar 29, 2018-

Study on the medium frequency induction furnace in manufacturing also earlier, in 1969 the original first machinery industry department has started to have the development of the organization, but due to various reasons, until 1996 years ago in intermediate frequency induction furnace at a lower level of production status, intermediate frequency power is hovering at 1000 kw, and the electric furnace in 2 tons, intermediate frequency key trigger system generally USES the discrete component, open loop control is adopted in the communication, the use of poor stability is common. Previous period, domestic electric furnace credit is bad, and large power, large tonnage of medium frequency induction furnace is mainly dependent on imports from Europe, America, because of the expensive (is the product of 5 ~ 10 times), use the unit is not much, directly affect the quality of product development of metallurgical industry in our country. With the acceleration of our country and the world economy, in the smelting, casting, hot working industry, the use of reliable, stable high power medium frequency power supply and demand rapid rise of large-tonnage furnace, induction furnace, under this condition, high power, large tonnage, localization of induction furnace is around the corner, therefore the domestic enterprise in fully developing the products and the world.

Beginning in the new century, after China's entry into the WTO, metallurgical casting industry to develop in our country, the world's developed countries take effort to put the casting into the Chinese market, it is obvious that the domestic demand for medium frequency induction furnace also grew rapidly, product market, the competition is becoming more and more intense. World class manufacturer, the product price is high, can use high technology to occupy the market, but due to high production costs (especially the engineering technical personnel salary high), in China's market is shrinking. With the development of national strength. First-class intermediate frequency electric stove manufacturer in China is close to the advanced world level, with each passing day while there is gap, but because the price is reasonable, good service and rapidly expanding market, and is pushing the world markets.