Which Is More Suitable For The Surface Quenching Method Of Different Diameter Gears?

- Sep 25, 2019-

   For gears, we are all familiar with it and can't be familiar with it. It is also everywhere in daily life. How much do you know about the surface heat treatment of different gears? The quenching method of gears with different diameters is different. Let's talk about the different methods in detail below:

   First, heat treatment of gear surface with diameter less than 600mm: For the gear of this diameter, we can adopt the method of integral heating and quenching, so that it is not easy to leave soft belt after quenching, the quenching is more uniform, and the quenching hard layer will not be too different. The hardness after quenching is also quite the same, which is what we want to achieve. However, there are many gears with larger diameters that need heat treatment. So which way to use it, Guoyun induction heating equipment manufacturers will help you, see the second way. ;

Second, for diameters above 600mm, the modulus is relatively large, we would recommend the user to choose single-tooth quenching, so as to meet the heat treatment process requirements, to achieve the hardness we want, there will be pictures below:


  We can heat-treat and quench different gears, and its process technology is mature. You are welcome to inquire about related technical problems. We are willing to discuss with you.